International Symposium ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION: NEW CHALLENGES. April 1–5, 2019


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The Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology UB RAS invites you to participate in the International Scientific Symposium Ecology and evolution: New challenges dedicated to the celebration of 100th anniversary of RAS Academician S.S. Shwartz, which will be held in Ekaterinburg, Russia, April 1–5, 2019.

The Symposium is aimed at facilitating discussions among its participants around issues associated with the organization, functioning, dynamics and sustainability of living systems at superorganismic levels (populations, communities, ecosystems) in diverse environmental gradients.

Stanislav Semenovich Shwartz was a prominent Russian ecologist whose contribution to the field of population and evolutionary ecology is hard to overestimate. S.S. Shwartz is deservedly regarded as the founder of the Ural ecological scientific school. From 1955 to 1976 he headed the Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology. One of his remarkable achievements was the Russian Journal of Ecology, which he established in 1970. S.S. Shwartz was awarded a number of state civilian decorations and awards, including A.N. Severtsov’ Award.


  1. Population ecology
  2. Evolutionary ecology
  3. Ecological morphology and ecophysiology
  4. Ecological genetics and phylogeography
  5. Historical ecology and paleoecology
  6. Radiation ecology and ecotoxicology
  7. Ecology of communities and phylocoenogenetics


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet its selection criteria or do not fall into the scope of the Symposium.

Forms of participation: oral report or poster.

The Symposium proceedings are planned to be published towards the beginning of the event.

Official languages of the Symposium are Russian and English.

The size of the Registration fee and instructions for abstract preparation will be presented in the second circular and on the IPAE UB RAS website.


For participation in the Symposium, Preliminary Registration Form should be completed before October 15, 2018



President: Vladimir Bol’shakov, RAS Academician

Secretary: Dr. Sci. Biology, Larisa Lukyanova
620144, 8 Marta St., 202, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology UB RAS
Telephone/Fax +7 (343) 210-29-54
Organizing Committee Secretary cell/mobile: +7 9122435470



We are grateful to the Department of Foreign Languages, Institute of Philosophy and Law UB RAS, for support in organizing the Symposium.